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Katarina Sevic

News From Nowhere, 2008. Installation.

The texts in the composition News From Nowhere, are extracts taken from a visionary novel, "News from Nowhere", written by William Morris, British artist, designer and writer. The book was published in 1890s and is an example of utopian vision informed and inspired by radical socialist ideas and science fiction.. The narrator of the book, wakes up one morning in the future in an unfamiliar society which knows little of its past and excludes heritage from its affairs. During his walk through the city he contemplates whether there is any path to radical change other than forgetting the past.
Presented in the form of an associative storyboard, Šević’s News From Nowhere refers to the relation between possible social change and its effects on a city (city heritage). Šević does not aim to refer directly to the original message of the novel, but rather seeks to re-appropriate the text in combination with images to generate a different understanding of utopian thinking in relation to the social reality of a contemporary mega city.
News From Nowhere was initiated in and inspired by Cairo but is not site-specific. (Text: Katarina Šević)

*  1979, Novi Sad, Serbia, lives and works in Budapest