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Chritoph Oertli

Cairo, 2006. Video.

Christoph Oertli’s video Cairo shows a person walking very slowly through the bustling city, quiet suburbs and peaceful rooftops of Cairo. As the districts change, so does the walker who continues his measured pace while observing the world around him without interaction. The environmental sound changes from noisy traffic to silence. Each person is related to one location, filmed from different viewpoints. All single movements of the persons are linked in the editing as if it were one long, sequential movement. This clearly structured form gives the artist the possibility to realize a personal view of the city of Cairo, putting in relation the characteristics of loud, fast and crowded to their opposite of calm, slow and empty. A combination of cinematographical and documentary aspects underlines the living conditions in the city. The video was produced during an artist residency in Cairo.

* 1962, Winterthur, Switzerland, lives and works in Basel, Switzerland, and Brussels