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Nermine El Ansari

Constructions 2, 2007. Sound-Installation.

In her installation Nermine El Ansari juxtaposes paintings inspired by the informal agglomerates in the surroundings of Cairo (ashway’iyat, literally: random), and paintings featuring concrete buildings of commercial, wealthy districts. In painting countless buildings, El Ansari engages in a process that parallels that of a construction worker confronted by tedious tasks, and creates an illusion of a city where two sides of a schizophrenic entity collide. Previously orderly, separate, divided, distinct, in Constructions 2 the cityscapes are brought into confrontation and crash one against the other. Disruption is also imposed on the viewer through a silkscreen print of helicopters, which is compounded by the sound of an Apache helicopter flying overhead, transforming the viewer into an occupant of the buildings they see. (Text: Nermine El Ansari)

* 1975, Cairo, lives and works in Cairo