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Hany Rashed

People of Cairo, 2006. Photo series and installation.

The playful, humorous installation by Hany Rashed is a small-scale portrait of the streets of Cairo and the varied humanity that populates the mega city. The installation is composed of hundreds of paper figures, mounted on cardboard and fixed to the floor of the gallery space. The figures enact different situations and actions common in Cairo streets: people walking, selling stuff, crossing the road; women veiled and unveiled; men wearing gallabeyas or in uniform – the omnipresent Cairo policemen; donkeys, bikes and people with objects; people protesting, people carrying things around. For the photo series, Rashed re-places and then photographs the figures in the Cairo environment. Through his work, Rashed evokes the movement and rhythms of urban life in the Egyptian capital.

* 1975, Cairo, lives and works in Cairo