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Rand El Nemr

Telekinesis, 2007. Photo animation.
Tableaux Vivants, 2008. Sculpture.

Telekinesis and Tableaux Vivants are part of an ongoing project by Rana El Nemr, the Balcony Series (initiated 2003), where painted balconies in urban ghettos and vernacular districts of Cairo are photographically documented. In the photo animation Telekinesis the images are reassembled into imaginative collages of residential blocks, showing an illusory, re-composed housing block which adheres to no constructional or architectural standards, defies the laws of nature and challenges the habits of visual perception. The montage is rather an act of joining sequences and patterns of origin, history, culture and aesthetics, illusions and dreams intrinsic to its individual creators. Tableaux Vivants is a three dimensional collage of postcard booklets displaying excerpts from the Balcony Series, shaped by the artist into improvised, informal architecture.

* 1974, Germany, lives and works in Cairo