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Ahmed Khaled

Fish Eye, 2007. Video.

Fish Eye explores the insomniac world of a young man who cannot sleep. He lives an alienated existence: jobless, his days have no structure and no aim. Sleepless at night, he is unable to find rest during the day. Chronically tired, and desperate, he starts to confuse nightmares and reality and his all existence gets consequently more and more filled with surreal visions, even when he is awake. For all the duration of the film, it seems there is no way out from this condition. The man seems educated but does not have a job, and cannot find a job as many young Egyptian who are jobless. He spends his insomniac nights in coffee shops with people that, like him, have no chances in life and ultimately do not have a role in society. The protagonist lives with his mother who silently witnesses her son going mad. The film offers a subtle and contradictory perspective on urban life in Cairo and on contemporary masculinity in a traditional society.

* 1979, Cairo, lives and works in Cairo