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Iman Issa

Making Places, 2007. Photo series and single-chanel video.

In Making Places, a series of 10 c-prints and one single-channel video by Iman Issa, a single figure is depicted attempting to forge relationships with urban landscapes and built environments through a single performative gesture. Ranging in their transformative capacity from futile to profound, these isolated gestures attempt to reverse or subtly alter the polarity of a gravitational field surrounding a subject as a landscape threatens to absorb it. 
Though the physical works themselves function as documentation of these gestures, they are in many cases the only prism through which these gestures are capable of existing. Like an aggressive tourist, Issa's lone figures seek not to engage or participate in the everyday operations of infrastructure or landscape, but to instead assert a form of indirect autonomy using the picture plane as platform.

* 1979, Cairo, lives and works in Cairo and New York