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Gilles Aubry

Outside of the Plane, 2008. Sound-installation.

Gilles Aubry carries on an ongoing research activity on formal, perceptual and anthropological aspects of sound production and reception, including topics like auditory perception, space representation, site specificity, cultural acoustics, streams of information and interactivity. With the immersive sound installation Outside the Plane Gilles Aubry offers visitors an acoustic journey through Cairo. Street sellers and workers, car horns, prayer calls, coffee shop conversations, whistles, cassette players, mobile phones, car alarms, lost dogs and wild birds colonies: The Cairo soundscape is a sleepless conversation. It reveals a constellation of social power and tensions where each loud utterance is a possible cry, and a call at the same time, where each voice is a body-extension used to stake-out more space or at least to signalize, and thus fight for, a (more or less gendered) presence. Having a voice is a condition of survival in the over-crowded mega city.  (Text: Gilles Aubry)

* 1973,Delémont, Switzerland, lives and works in Berlin