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Maia Gusberti

Travel.agencies, 2007. Photo series.

Maia Gusberti’s series of photographs Travel.agencies is a project about the visual representations of travelling in different cultural and economic contexts. It is a photographic research about images and icons of the idea of travelling. The ongoing project was initiated in Cairo, as Gusberti started to document the interior design of local travel agencies, and in particular the way in each of the agencies the experience of the journey was visually represented or was not represented. The Cairo travel agencies do not display images of exotic beaches or remote resorts, nor do they show images of monuments or touristic cities. On the walls, only world maps let the customers in fact imagine their own pictures of the destinations. World maps figure as projection surfaces, imaginary geography.

* 1971, Berne, Switzerland, lives and works in Vienna, Berne and Cairo